Credit: Bravo

Khloe Kardashian just can’t stop talking about her vagina these days, thanks in part to her educational collaboration with a tampon brand and in part to the fact that she’s still everyone’s favorite Kardashian oversharer.

Now that she’s the champion of body myth busting for girls, it was only fair that Khloe share the weirdo things she believed when she was growing up. Khloe claims her own teenage misconceptions were “nothing crazy,” but she had a great period myth suspiciously close at hand for her Crushable interview!

“One was, when you get your period never go in the ocean because a shark’s gonna attack you,” Khloe said. “I remember details like they could smell blood up to seven miles away. When someone’s giving you this many details you’re just like that has to be true.”

Whether you believed it or not, Khloe, that’s got to be a terrifying story for a California teenager!

Source: Crushable