That Khloe Kardashian sure is a wild one — with a strange affinity for wild animals. At least those of the stuffed variety.


On March 22, Khloe was spotted out in Beverly Hills at the Planet Blue boutique with a conspicuous shopping companion. And we don’t mean the little girl who also came along for the shopping spree. In addition to some clothes she purchased, it appears Khloe also left the boutique with a giant stuffed giraffe! Could it be that she’s already shopping for her future godchild’s nursery?


We’re not sure whether the giraffe was meant for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby — who is due to arrive in early July — or if she bought the toy for Khloe’s human shopping companion. But it did look a little familiar to us. That’s because he resembles another friend of Khloe’s — her inflatable giraffe, Henry! In fact, Khloe seems to have a major thing for oversized representations of animals, both real and mythical. Remember when she stole a giant unicorn from her Miami hotel?


What we do know is that Keeping Up With The Kardashians film crews were on site for the whole shopping excursion, so we’re sure we’ll have some clarity once the upcoming eighth season airs.