Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News Photo: Khloe and Kim Kardashian at the Mavericks vs. Clippers Game on January 18, 2012

More legal woes for the Kardashians? It sure looks that way. Sisters Kim and Khloe could be sued by consumers of QuickTrim, the diet product they endorse, because it contains a high amount of caffeine, NY Post's Page Six reports.

Kim and Khloe signed on to be the faces of QuickTrim back in 2009, and later claimed that they'd both lost 15 pounds using the product. Since then, consumers have gobbled up the weight-loss supplement, spending a reported $45 million to drop their own unwanted lbs.

So who's behind the lawsuit? Law firm Bursor & Fisher is taking legal action on behalf of an unhappy customer, and now they're reaching out to other individuals who've used the weight-loss supplement in hopes of preparing a class-action lawsuit. In an email to potential clients, the firm links to a statement which explains the root of the suit: "The active ingredient in QuickTrim weight loss products is a large dose of caffeine . . . The FDA has determined that caffeine is not safe or effective for weight loss."

Are the Kardashians to blame for this potential weight-loss snafu? Only time — and a class-action lawsuit — will tell.

Source: NY Post 

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