Kim Kardashian finally met her fashion match in boyfriend Kanye West, who famously revamped her wardrobe in 2012 by wiping it out and starting over. That being the case, it’s no real jaw-dropper that Kim dresses for Kanye’s approval! 

"I dress for my man way more than for myself!" Kim admitted in a recent interview promoting for her fashion line, according to US Weekly.

Kim has been very open about Kanye’s influence over her new look, which she calls “"sleek, sophisticated and very monochromatic." So, what does he like to see her wearing?

"Nothing!" she said with a laugh, before going on. "No, he likes cool, drapey things. Very casual."

Well then, he must have loved her looks on their romantic Rio trip!

Kim is hardly the first woman in the world to dress for her boyfriend’s approval, but the effect Kanye has had on her style is pretty impressive. Before you start thinking his control over her look has gone too far, just remember this silver lining: She can totally blame him for those peplum pants.

Source: US Weekly