Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton haven’t even given birth yet — they’re both due in July — and already their pending babies have been commemorated in bronze like a collectible Franklin Mint figurine. We know, you’re probably like, “WTF?” Us too, dude.

Daniel Edwards, a US-based artist, recently unveiled his newest sculpture: a cherubic depiction of Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton's fetuses. The work, titled “Special K and Little Grape,” is supposed to serve as a representation of our obsession with celebrity babies. Okay, guilty. But, may we remind you Mr. Edwards, you’re the one who sculpted two babies who have literally never seen the light of day and cast them in bronze. Who’s the real obsessed person here?

The artist’s statement is something else, too: "Baby Kimye (Special K) is depicted as a chubby-cheeked-cherub with angelic curls, and 'Ks' shaved in the hair.” Because of course

“The royal baby (Little Grape), who resembles Prince William as an infant, sucks its thumb and wears the crown Queen Elizabeth wore as a princess for King George VI's coronation,” the statement continues. “The slumbering pair floats in harmony, appearing as womb-mates." Um... okey dokey.

This isn’t the first celebrity-inspired work by Daniel. He’s also done a life-size sculpture of a naked Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug, and a bronze cast of Suri Cruise’s baby poop (not clear on whether he got her actual baby poop for accuracy). Given his catalog, this latest work is downright tasteful!

Source; Splash NewsCapla Kesting Fine Art

Credit: Buzz60 Photo: Sculptor Reveals "Special K and Little Grape (Baby Kimye and the Royal Heir)"