In news that will surprise exactly no one, rapper Ray J has finally admitted to that—gasp!—his classy anthem “I Hit It First” is in fact based on his real life.

“It came from real life situations,” he told, “It came from a concept that was a real life story.”

You don’t say! While Ray J still hasn’t come out and said that the song is entirely about his relationship with reality star
Kim Kardashian (a fact that’s obvious to anyone who has so much as browsed a tabloid in a grocery store), he does say that he never meant to hurt anyone when he wrote it. Or, presumably, when he made the song’s music video that stars a Kim lookalike who has a fake reality show on the F! Network.

“My intention was always just to put out music and stay true to what we do,” Ray J said. “My intention was never to make people feel bad or do anything in a negative manner.”

Awww, well in that case Ray J, all is forgiven! Did you hear that everyone, he didn’t mean to be “negative” when he wrote the lyrics, “
I had her head going North and her ass going South, But now baby chose to go West.”

In case you missed it, that was sarcasm. Lots and lots of sarcasm.