The Kardashian sisters are used to seeing their names splashed across the tabloid covers — can you imagine the gossip rags without them? We’re pretty sure they’d all go broke — but this week in particular, the stories have been particularly scandalous.

First, there’s the report that Kris Jenner physically abused her daughter Kim as a child, something that Kim, Kris and Khloe all vehemently deny. There are others, too. Supposedly, Khloe is pregnant, Khloe is jealous of Kim’s pregnancy, and Khloe’s husband, Lamar, is dropping thousands of dollars to party with strippers.

Just moments after taking to Twitter to set the record straight about her mother, Kim also cleared up a few of the other reports.

“While I'm on my These ridiculous stories of Khloe are complete BS! She isn't preggo, she's so happy for me, [she] and Lamar are perfect,” she tweeted on January 24.

“Probably done responding to fakeness for a while but I knew this weeks stories hurt my mom and I will set record straight to protect her! #Fam1st” she added.

Kudos to Kim for sticking up for her family, though we have to admit we’re a bit confused by the first part of her tweet. “While I'm on my”? For now, we’re just going to pass it off as an unfortunate autocorrect fail.

But hey, Kim and Kanye are together in the city of lovers right now. How they choose to spend that time is entirely up to them.

Source: Kim Kardashian on Twitter