Credit: Roshan Perera/Splash News Photo: Kim Kardashian Struggles With Her Bags on May 5, 2011

Looks like Kim Kardashian really has found the love of her life because she's reportedly ring shopping! According to her friend, Kim went to look at rocks over at Neil Lane in New York City sans her basketball beau Kris Humphries.

“She’s already making wedding plans and looking for diamond rings at the most high-end jewelry stores. It’s really happening,” the friend says. “She knows Kris is the one and can’t wait to be his wife.”

Kris has not — as far as we know — popped the question, though. But Kim remains unfazed by the lack of a proposal. The friend adds, "Kris hasn’t officially asked her yet, but that’s just a minor detail. It’s already a done deal, and they both know it.”

A minor detail? It sounds kind of important to us!

Source: Hollywood Life

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