Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

We love that Kim Kardashian is all about trying new looks, but one look she tried out recently had us all saying, “Ewwww!”

In the photo Kim posted on Instagram, Kim’s hair is perfectly straight except for one section in the front, which is sticking straight up as though it’s been styled with superglue. In case that style isn’t ringing any immediate bells, Kim’s caption should help:

“Ummm what has @clydehairgod done to me? #TheresSomethingAboutKim”

Gross! So, Kim’s hair was inspired by the part in There’s Something About Mary where Cameron Diaz’s character used an, um, unconventional hair product and ended up with just such a look. We’re sure Kim and her stylist were just having a little fun on the way to something superglam, but in the meantime: Ick ick ick!

Source: Instagram