Credit: Celebuzz

Kim Kardashian gave sister Kourtney a super hard time about her mom lifestyle on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, from ragging on her choice of sweatpants to mocking her love of staying in at night. But now that Kim is expecting her first child with Kanye West, Kourtney seems to think Kim might be eating her words.

In a recent radio interview, Kourtney told Ryan Seacrest said that Kim, "has no idea," how much being a mom will change her life. So all that big talk about being a different mom than Kourtney could go out the window!

Even after all Kim’s trash talking, her big sister is happy to answer all her pregnancy questions —i f she can, anyway.

"She would just ask me all the time little things…Like, 'Can I have orange juice?'" Kourtney said. "And even though I just had been through it, it's hard to remember 'cause then you're kind of on to the next thing…I would try to say,' Oh you're not allowed to have hot dogs…nonpasteurized juices'...and just all the little stuff."

Aw! What a good sister. Looks like Kourtney did forgive Kim after all.

Source: Ryan Seacrest