Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News Photo: Kim Kardashian Leaves Dash on January 21, 2011
Holy amazing episode, Batman! How many women (and probably some men) across the world do you think are singing the praises of Shengo tonight? Let’s face it — the man has everything. An adorbs face, sweetness, an air of mystery, an amazing body, great tattoos, a gentlemanly demeanor, and a hot accent. We’re smitten! And so is Kim, clearly. Kim and Shengo sittin’ in a eucalyptus tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Shengo, who was her bodyguard last summer on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is in town and emails Kim, who he knows is also in town. Kourtney can tell Kim’s heart is all aflutter, but Kim won’t admit it. Kim decides to meet him for dinner, so the two head to the swanky Mexican haunt Agave in the West Village. He gets to drink because he’s not on duty, and she throws back a few margaritas. The two are clearly into each other from the get-go. He even brings her a gift — he favorite candy from Australia. Aww! We love Shengo!

He and Kim toast to “being single in New York,” and then Kim (so subtle) asks if he wants to come back to the hotel to see Kourtney and Scott, whom she quickly adds won’t even be awake. One thing leads to another and... before you know it, Shengo is taking his shirt off in her room and closing the curtains! Cut to the next morning (!)... Kim has a business meeting in the hotel room with Kourtney (who doesn’t know Shengo had spent the night). Shengo walks out of Kim’s room in the middle of the meeting and does the walk of shame and leaves. But Shengo and Kim can’t stop texting each other all day; Kim is giggly and girly and Kourtney calls her on it. Kim still insists that she’s happily single and is not falling for her former bodyguard. Right.
Credit: Josephine Santos, Photo: Kim Brings Bodyguard Shengo Deane to Dinner at Katsuya With Her Family on June 2, 2010
Meantime, Scott is trying to impress his boss by starting to play golf. His boss shells out $4,500 for a new set of clubs for Scott, and Scott is taken with how he flings money around. When Scott’s boss goes to the dealership to buy a new car, Scott tags along. He spies a Rolls Royce Phantom and decides he wants to see how he looks in it (and if his boss’s sidekick, Gooch, will fit in the trunk). He ponders it, saying he’s not sure if he should buy something on the spot. But Gooch calls him a chicken and Scott caves. He literally drives the car off the lot and picks up Kourtney for lunch in it. Kourtney comes down, is greeted by tons of fans and the paparazzi, and gets in the car. When she finds out Scott had bought said car, she promptly gets out and he follows her. She gives him an earful about how buying the car on the spot was irresponsible, and he argues that he can do anything he wants with his money. She says that’s not the point; the point is to let one another in on big decisions. He doesn’t get it.

Cut to Kim’s date number 2 with Shengo. The two decide to head to a pool hall. Shengo shows Kim all he knows about pool, but clearly, Kim’s mind is elsewhere. The two head back to Shengo’s place and…. well… we don’t get to see! Cameras did not follow. Boo! But we can only imagine...

Scott brings his phone into Kourtney’s room and puts in on speaker. He calls his boss and tells him he has to return the car. And another crisis between Kourtney and Scott ends up being solved. See? You can solve any relationship problem in less than 22 minutes. Scott and Kourtney are living proof!

Now, we’re dying to know what becomes of Kim and Shengo. She’s obviously falling hard, but we know the end of the story because she’s dating NBA star Kris Humphries now! So what happened? Was it the distance that kept Kim and her Australian love muffin apart? Did she run away? Did he? In either case, we think they should totally have stayed together and had baby Shengos! And lots of ‘em!

We want more Shengo! And we may be getting our wish, because rumor has it that he may be getting his own reality spinoff!