Credit: Kim Kardashian's Instagram

For some, being pregnant is a license to eat pretty much whatever you want. But not Kim Kardashian. Her big craving right now is near the top of the no-no list for expectant mothers.

“I’m craving sushi, but I know you’re not allowed to eat it, so I restrained myself from that,” Kim tells E! News reporters.

It sounds like Kim is paying close attention to her doctors’ advice! Because of their suppressed immune systems, pregnant women are strongly advised not to consume raw meat of any kind. Luckily for Kim, she’s having some healthier cravings, as well.

“I crave, like, carrots and celery and ranch. It’s so weird.” That’s not weird. That’s delicious.

Source: E! News

Credit: E! News Photo: Kim Kardashian Dishes With E! on Cravings and Her Baby's Sex (VIDEO)