Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Kim Kardashian at Elton John’s Oscar After Party — February 24, 2013

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian makes a lot of money just for showing her famous face at events, so just imagine what she rakes in now that she has a famous baby bump to go with it! 

Even our jaws dropped when we read how much money Kimmy has pulled in since boyfriend Kanye West announced she was pregnant last December. According to Life & Style, the reality star has earned over $900,000 since then!

We’ll give you a minute to let your head stop spinning. Now, for what did Kim earn nearly a million dollars in the last nine weeks?

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas. Fee: $153,000.

Flying to Cote D’Ivoire in Africa to make an appearance to Life Star Nightclub. Fee: $200,000.

Attending the February 13 opening of a Topshop store in West Hollywood. Fee: $50,000.

Co-hosting a concert in Lagos, Nigeria, with R&B singer Darey: $500,000.

(That last one is a real doozy, because even though Kim was a “co-host” and “special guest” at the event, she was apparently only there for about 45 minutes. Do you want to do the dollars-per-minute math on that one? Because we sure don’t.)

Not bad, Kim! If she’s made 900k for appearances already, and it’s only March, just imagine what she’ll earn by the time her baby is born in July!

And remember, event sponsors, that adorable bump of hers is only getting bigger...

Source: Life & Style