Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian took the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to dish about their men. The girls looked their usual glamorous selves, and Kim even managed to recover from a giant split in her tight leather dress right before she took stage.

Jimmy didn’t hold back with the personal questions and started by asking Kourtney why she hasn’t yet married longtime boyfriend Scott Disick, since baby #2 is well on its way.

“How long do we have for this conversation?” Khloe joked.

“Do you wanna be in my therapy session?” Kourtney asked. “First of all, I have realized that I have major commitment problems...I’m really claustrophobic, and all my issues — I have a lot of them! — but they all stem for this thing, like I can’t commit to anything.”

Kim, apparently wishing she’d held off on walking down the aisle herself, interjected by saying, “I wish I’d learned from you earlier.”

Skipping past Kim’s marital woes, Jimmy turned the conversation to the reality star’s newest beau, rapper Kanye West. “How are the boys getting along?” Jimmy asked. “Kanye, Lamar, and Scott?”

After Kim said the guys get along well, Kourtney pointed out what they have in common. "They're all only children," she said. "But [now they're] in this crazy family with so many people…We suck in only children.”

Source: E! Online, Huffington Post

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Credit: Hulu Photo: The Kardashian Sisters Talk About Khloe's Illegal Pet on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 6, 2012 (VIDEO)