A Kim Kardashian vs. Beyonce feud? Doesn’t sound like it!

Rumors surfaced a few months ago that Kim and Beyonce don’t get along at all — which  could be very awkward, since Kim’s boyfriend, Kanye West, and Bey’s husband, Jay-Z are such good friends.

If ever such a feud existed, Kim seems to have put it behind her. She took to Twitter on Sunday night to gush about how much she enjoyed Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

Kim wasn’t the only one who loved it. Her sisters Kourtney and Khloe both made sure to tweet about Bey’s epic halftime performance. Khloe tweeted “Queen Beyonce” and “Don't hurt em B” on the night of the show, while Kourtney wrote the next morning, “Ok I know I'm late but I didn't watch live. Young B and that bootylicious bod! #beyonce

Sounds like all of the Kardashian sisters are “crazy in love” with Beyonce. And who wouldn’t be?

Source: Twitter