It’s near impossible to deny that reality star Kim Kardashian is a bona fide celebrity, but if anyone can do it, Anna Wintour can! According to Radar Online, the indomitable Vogue editor refuses to acknowledge Kim’s existence, let alone her fame.

Rude! But what makes it even weirder is that Anna evidently loves Kim’s boyfriend, Kanye West.  

“For some reason, she thinks Kanye is terrific,” a source told Star magazine, but even Anna’s infatuation with the rapper wasn’t enough to make her acknowledge the couple when she saw them at New York Fashion Week recently.  

That must sting for a fashionista like Kim, but apparently Anna attitude isn’t a new development. Kim was reportedly “mortified” that she wasn’t on Wintour’s guest list for the exclusive Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala list last year, even though Kanye was certainly invited.

Worst of all, though, is that we can’t imagine that a snub from the editor of Vogue will help Kim’s case with the high-end fashion houses. Kim’s maternity stylist Nicola Formichetti recently revealed he’d had a hard time getting clothing from many couture designers, who didn’t want Kim to wear their fashions in a photo shoot.

Hm, how does that saying go? Living well is the best revenge? Success is the best revenge? Either way, we’d say Kim has it covered.

Source: Star Magazine via Radar Online