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Kim Kardashian always puts her best assets forward, even when meeting government dignitaries.

The reality starlet arrived in Kuwait today for a three-day trip to the Middle East to appear at two new Millions of Milkshakes stores opening in the region. After incurring the wrath of Twitter haters for her tweets about Israel and Palestine, Kim was determined to make her visit more than just about milkshakes and made appointments to meet with local leaders.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian Meets US Ambassador to Kuwait Matthew Tueller

“Just Touched down in Kuwait!!! Riding to the hotel now! So excited to be here!” Kim tweeted shortly after landing. She also shared a photo of herself flashing the peace sign in her limo, looking sexy in a pair of aviator shades and a sheer, cleavage-baring top.

We’re guessing Kim didn’t have much time to change before meeting with US Ambassador to Kuwait Matthew Tueller, because two hours later she tweeted a photo from the ambassador’s in what appears to be the same outfit.

Kim — and her cleavage — must have made quite the first impression! 

See more photos of her sheer and sexy top here.

Sources: TwitterDaily Mail

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