Kim Kardashian may have been spotted sporting what appeared to be Spanx earlier this month, but the reality starlet has been eager to cast off the body-shaping undergarments ever since!

On Monday, the fashionista donned another curve-hugging dress with a mysterious sheer panel underneath. After a few media outlets cried Spanx, Kim was quick to set the record straight about the true nature of her outfit.

"No Spanx here!" Kim wrote on her Celebuzz blog yesterday.

"I wore this gorgeous polka dot Stella McCartney dress out yesterday and I've seen some publications saying I'm flashing my Spanx or control underwear underneath the dress," she wrote. Kim went on to explain that the dress already came fully outfitted with the sheer panelling many mistook for Spanx. “Stella made a full collection with these sheer panels on the side, and this is how my dress came!"

So Kim can pull off that type of body-clinging, no-secrets dress without any extra help? Consider us jealous!

Source: Celebuzz

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