Last we heard, Kim Kardashian was more than ready to press charges against her alleged flour bomber, PETA supporter Christina Cho. Now, sources say the 31-year-old celebutante just doesn’t think it’s worth the trouble.

With everything Kimmy K has on her plate right now, it’s no surprise Radar Online is reporting that the she’s just “too busy” to “file the report, meet with investigators, and possibly testify at a trial” if Cho — who allegedly pelted the reality princess with flour on the red carpet on March 22  — were to be officially charged.

Kim’s obviously not happy about the incident (or her ruined black blazer), but she’s willing to brush it off — literally and figuratively — since the starlet is too exhausted from everything else going on in her life to pursue the matter any further, says the insider.

And even if the 31-year-old TV star did have a free moment between her nasty public divorce from Kris Humphries, launching a new home line with her sassy sisters, and trying to enjoy her rumored new fling with rapper Kanye West, the source says Kim “didn't want to give Christina Cho a platform for her to promote whatever agenda she obviously has.”

Source: Radar Online

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