Everybody feels the need to change up their look every now and then, but in her latest photo shoot, Kim Kardashian took it to the next level — new eye color! While we all know her as a brown-eyed girl, on March 20, Kim shared four photos of herself on Instagram with dramatic and bold eye colors.

We think Kim’s natural eye color is beautiful, but we loved seeing her try out these lighter irises: three cool shades of blue and a stunning green. The problem is, we can’t quite decide which we like best. So we’re throwing over to you. If Kim decided tomorrow to start wearing colored contacts, which shade should she choose?



This shade of blue is almost violet! Since Kris Jenner recently compared her daughter to Elizabeth Taylor, they might be an apt choice. The late Liz Taylor was famous for her violet eyes and thick lashes, so these really complete the look, don’t you think?

Next, Kim tried on these light, cornflower blue lenses. We kinda think they make her look like a vampire — not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Third, Kim wore these jade green contacts along with a kelly green dress and lush, gold jewelry. These are probably the most natural looking in the set.

Finally, Kim paired the aqua lenses with a blouse in a similar, watery shade. You can get lost in some people’s eyes, but you could practically drown in these ones!


So do one of these eye shades call to you, or do you prefer Kimmy with her natural, coffee colored eyes?