If Kanye West plans on staying in Kim Kardashian’s life, he better not let his nails to get too long!

In a recent interview with Tatler magazine, the reality star confessed that her biggest turnoff is bad hygiene of any kind including, curiously, “big ears.”

“There are so many things that would be a deal breaker for me,” Kim said. “Anything having to do with bad hygiene. Like teeth or nails or big ears. I’m really weird about stuff like that.”

The upside? If Kanye does somehow let his ears grow out of control, he may be able to win Kim back over with a scrumptious meal of melted cheese and sweets.

The socialite also admitted in the interview that she’d want pizza, ice cream, and cupcakes for her last meal on earth.

“I think I would want cheese pizza, oreo cookie ice cream, some cookies and cream ice cream and maybe like a vanilla cupcake or something,” she said.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kim Kardashian Talks to Tatler About Her Dating Turnoffs and Favorite Foods

Source: YouTube

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