Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is currently about four months pregnant. And when a woman is incubating a tiny human life inside of her, her body gets hungry. And it starts craving really weird things.

Jessica Simpson famously craved macaroni and cheese doused in seasoning salt and butter-covered Pop Tarts. So what is Kim’s pregnant belly begging her to consume? We’ve been keeping an eye out for every time Kim or one of her family members mentions her cravings. Here’s what we know she has a hankering for so far:


Pies and ice cream. Sounds delish!
Lucky Charms cereal, with extra marshmallows.
Pizookies — giant cookies with ice cream on top.


French fries
Chinese chicken salad — but no onion!
Carrots and celery with ranch dressing.

Kim has also revealed that she’s been craving sushi like crazy. Unfortunately, raw fish is a definite no-no for pregnant moms-to-be, so Kim’s making sure to stay far, far away.

Maybe she can whip up a sushi-shaped Pizookie? Hey, gotta learn to improvise!

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