Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid of over-the-top fashion, but she usually keeps things pretty simple when it comes to her hair. Remember: adding a few bangs was a big deal! So this “puff pony tail” she posted on Instagram recently had us scratching our heads a little bit.

It’s an interesting look, to put it mildly. It looks like Kim’s hair was put into a ponytail starting waaaay up on the crown of her head, then teased to high heaven and secured every few inches, so the result is four poof balls of hair of diminishing size falling down her back. Let's just call it a statement piece. 

Even though Kim just posted the photo, her skintight raspberry-colored sheath doesn’t show any baby bump, so we’re going to go out on a limb and guess this is an old one! Even so, what do you think of the look?  Is Kim’s puff ponytail hot or not?

Source: Instagram