Credit: Brian Prahl/Splash News Photo: Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Mason Dash Disick Return to Their Hotel on December 30, 2010

Scott Disick came across as a changed man in the first episode of KKTNY, but is he? And could it be that marriage and another child are in his future? (No comment from us!)

E! News reported Tuesday that the 31-year-old is totally committed to a lifelong partnership with Kourtney Kardashian. He didn't confirm (or deny) pregnancy rumors about his baby mama, but he did admit that he's looking to have another kid.

"I've always wanted a girl," Scott said. "And then I had Mason and I realized a boy was fantastic. But I would say having a girl would be unbelievable too, to have best of both worlds... When the time comes or if it's meant to be, we'll have another one."

Scott added that even though there's no ring on Kourtney's finger (yet), he still takes his commitment to her very seriously.

"I would hope to God, till death do us part," Scott said. "Even though we're not married, it's still the same so-called vow, I guess."

Source: E! News