Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

A pretty scandalous shock wave hit the Kardashian family recently, when male model Michael Girgenti claimed that he could be the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason, and not Scott Disick!


So far, Girgenti’s claims seem totally unsubstantiated, but when someone shows up in your lives requesting a DNA test on your son, we imagine it’s more than a little upsetting. So, how are Kourtney and co. holding up?


Evidently (and thankfully) they seem to be doing just fine!


Kourtney and Scott took Mason on a trip to Commons Mall in Calabasas, California shortly after this crazy claim hit tabloids, and according to Radar Online, they were “all smiles.” The adorable family had breakfast together, and then “Scott cuddled up to Mason” as they spent some quality time checking out a group of turtles


We wouldn’t wish this sort of unpleasantness on anyone, and we’re glad to see that the Kardashian-Disick clan is weathering this storm together. Now, where’s their adorable baby Penelope! She needs a cuddle too!

Source: Radar Online