It appears that Kris Humphries has a type of woman he looks for: famous. Not long after separating from Kim Kardashian, the Brooklyn Nets b-baller started flirting with three-time Olympic gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn.

“They're both from Minnesota, so they had a lot to talk about,” a source tells Us Weekly of the duo’s 2012 relationship.

The romance, if we can even call it that, fizzled quickly. Though the two convened Lindsey’s ESPYs after-party last summer, they never took it much further, reportedly never even getting physical.


And the fling was kaput by October, around the time Lindsey started dating her current boyfriend, golfer (and tabloid fodder) Tiger Woods.

If Kim were to ever hit the slopes with Lindsay, we suspect they would have a lot to talk about!

Source: Us Weekly