Credit: Splash News Photo: Kris Humphries Goes to Dinner with Friends in NYC on November 15, 2011

The outspoken, estranged husband of Kim Kardashian has stayed uncharacteristically quiet as the twosome tries to iron out the details of their divorce — in spite of all the ugly headlines with his name in them. But it looks like Kris Humphries has had enough. He finally took a moment to defend himself to Life & Style on March 20.

When the mag caught up with the 27-year-old b-baller at a photo shoot for Sector watches, he spoke out about his character. "I am a genuine person who says it like it is,” shared Kris. (Just ask sister-in-law Khloe, whom he immediately rubbed the wrong way by asking if her marriage was fake the first time they met.) 

Although the media blitz has been intense, Kris says he isn’t bothered by all the negativity that comes with fame. “I'm used to it," he revealed. "I'm comfortable being in my own skin and being out there."

And he certainly isn’t shying away from the spotlight. The New Jersey Net signed on as the new face of Sector, a brand he “truly believe[s] in.” Explained Kris, “A lot of people do things just for money, but that's not for me.”

Oh, snap! Was that a dig at Kim? Guess we’re still not quite at the point of letting bygones be bygones.

Source: Life & Style

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