This just in: Kris Humphries is herpes free! The NBA player, who is (duh) Kim Kardashian’s ex, recently took a blood test for every STD, reports Radar Online, and the results are conclusively negative (which means the news is positive!)

Kris took the test in response to a lawsuit filed by Kayla Goldberg, claiming he gave her herpes. “Kris knew there was no way he gave Kayla herpes, so he took a blood test to prove it,” a source said.

Kayla claimed that she and Kris had a one night stand in 2010, and that Kris had sex with her knowing he had herpes. Kris has, of course, formally requested that her lawsuit be dismissed, and he was so confident of his innocence that he filed a countersuit for defamation and libel before his test results were back.

It seems weird to congratulate someone for not having herpes but...congrats Kris! Now he can focus on the really important things in life, like his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Source: Radar Online