Credit: Brendon Throne/Getty Images

Kardashian momager Kris Jenner has finally buried the hatchet with E! comedienne Chelsea Handler after forgiving the audacious late-night host for all the jokes she has made about the Kardashian family over the past two years.

In Touch reports that mutual friend Heather McDonald set up the reconciliation and arranged to film the peace negotiations for After Lately, Chelsea’s spin-off of her hit talk show, Chelsea Lately.

Apparently, Heather actually ambushed Chelsea by luring her to a “party,” when really, the only other guests were the Kardashians! But Chelsea was a good sport about it all, and everyone involved ended up having a good time!

“The whole thing will be really funny,” a source reveals. “The fact that they were all on board to poke fun shows that both sides were ready to put the past behind them.”

Looks like the E! family just got a little tighter!

Source: In Touch Weekly