If you listen to the tabloid mags, it would seem that either Bruce or Kris Jenner is filing for divorce every couple of months. The last divorce story came as recently as this in January. This week, Star Magazine is reporting that Bruce had his attorney draw up divorce papers and that Kris has hit “rock bottom” after hearing the news.

Just a day later, Kris took to her official blog to blast the divorce rumors, and to reassure fans that everything is happy as can be for the Kardashian Krew.

Kris calls out Star for always using an unnamed “source” that just conveniently happens to be at all her family events. The mag wrote that Bruce had announced his intention to divorce Kris at the family’s Easter celebration, and Kris insists that this conversation “NEVER happened.”

“My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and I love him,” she writes. “STAR MAGAZINE, I know you’re going to write your BS to sell magazines, but I will do everything I can to protect my family.”

Her post, which is entitled “Setting the Record Straight,” also states that Kris will be giving fans a “full update on what is going on in my life” every week, so that she can combat any future rumors.

Source: Kris Jenner’s Blog