The Kardashian sisters are known for their ample assets up top — and, too, for the occasional breast-related wardrobe malfunction. Well, it’s starting to seem like mom Kris Jenner is no different.

Back in October, Kris literally busted out of a sexy Wonder Woman Halloween costume, but owned the “innocent nip slip” with pride, re-posting an edited version of the scandalous pic and maintaining that wardrobe malfunctions of that sort happen “to the best of us.”

Now, Kris’ breasts are once again trying to get themselves into the spotlight. On February 1, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of Kris all glammed up in some killer makeup and a sassy gold belt.

“My mom is kinda major,” Kim wrote. The only problem? Her mom’s breasts are also looking quite major in this shot.

Blame the flash on Kim’s camera. Blame the thin material of the shirt. Blame whatever you want. Kris’ bra is clearly visible in the shot.


Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram