Welcome to the humble manor of Lord Disick.

Following the lead of the rest of the Kardashian family, Scott joined the video social networking site Keek earlier this week and decided to take his Lord Disick persona to the next level.

The father of two donned an extravagant fur-trimmed coat and seated himself at the head of a long, lavishly set dining table. With an “LD” banner as his backdrop, he addressed his loyal subjects in the 32-second video.

“I’m gonna show you a little bit of the inside world of what it’s like to be a royal Keek,” said Scott to his fans.

Watch Scott’s special message (titled “Let the Lord Be With You”) below!

Source: Keek

Nov 29, 2012 | Let The Lord be with you! by ScottDisick on Keek.com

Credit: Keek Photo: Scott Disick Channels His Lord Disick Persona for Keek Video

Source: Keek

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