Back when Mason Disick was just a wee baby, we consulted Jo Piazza – author of the deliciously juicy Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money – to weigh in on how much he was getting paid for appearing on the Kardashians’s various reality series. Her estimate at the time: $3,000 per show. Not bad for someone still on the breast milk, right?

Now that he’s reached the ripe old age of three, however, we decided to check back in with Piazza to see if she thinks that number’s gone up. The answer? You bet it has!

“Since the last time we talked about him, Mason’s started walking and talking,” Piazza notes. “He’s a full-blown character now – he has lines. That changes everything. I would be shocked if he’s not making $8,000 to $10,000 an episode.”

Beyond the cash he rakes in for the show, he’s also likely making bank off deals the family has made with various kiddie product lines.

“He’s a tiny, adorable, walking billboard,” Piazza adds. “And as we all know, that show is filled with product placement. He’s got real value.  And as he gets older, you can bet the family is going to up his price.”