Young Maude Apatow has a serious advantage when it comes to honing her acting talents (namely her super-funny parents, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann), and now the This Is 40 actress is letting the Kardashians have it, comedy style!

In a deleted scene from This Is 40 posted on Funny or Die, Maude talks all things Kardashian. Her thoughts on Kourtney and Scott? Check. Her best impressions of the sisters? Triple check. The best part? Kourtney liked it enough to post it on her blog!

“We all found this hilarious!” she wrote on her Celebuzz blog. “Khloe swears this is exactly how I talk! Do I really talk that slow? Maybe I do!”

What do you think of Maude’s dead-on impersonations of the K-Dash sisters? Watch the video below and let us know!


Source: Celebuzz, Funny or Die

Credit: Funny or Die Photo: Maude Apatow Does a Dead-On Impression of Each Kardashian Sister