Holy moly, did Kendall Jenner just get a massive tattoo?

The 17-year-old fashionista recently posted a photo of her bare back on Instagram, and that skin is now sporting a gigantic black skull over her right shoulder blade. Wait, there’s more! The skull is wearing a feather headdress that stretches out over the middle of her back, up towards her neck and almost to her left shoulder. What will Kris Jenner think?!

Kendall posted the pic along with the caption, “thank you @badwoodx for the amazing sharpie tat! I loveeeee you're amaz!”

Fake out! Kendall’s ink was from a sharpie, courtesy of artist and designer Nat Wood, the creative force behind Los Angeles clothing company Badwood. Temporary or not, Kendall’s tat is totally badass! What do you think, should she go ahead and make this fake a reality?

Source: Instagram