Khloe Kardashian’s newly trim physique has been making international headlines recently, but according to plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Anthony Youn there’s something a little fishy about her slimdown. Namely, that her face isn’t as thin as her body at this point. In fact, he thinks it’s gone in the other direction, and looks a bit fuller than they used to.

“Khloe looks great with a figure that rivals both her sisters, however when people lose weight their face actually become thinner,” the celebrity plastic surgeon told Radar Online. “Khloe’s cheeks and lips actually look puffier than before.”

So, what does this mean, in Youn’s expert opinion?

“I suspect that she may have undergone injections of a filler like Juvederm, causing her face to appear puffy,” he said. “But, injections or not, she looks pretty darn good!”

That’s hardly what we’d call conclusive, and let’s all take a moment and remember that Khloe is only 28 years old! While she’s said that she hasn’t totally ruled out some freshening up in the future, Khloe is hardly in need of any lifting or tightening at this age.

We do agree with Youn about one thing though: Khloe looks fantastic these days! Whatever she's doing, she's doing something right.


Source: Radar Online