Credit: Celebuzz

The Kardashian sisters are all hot in their own way, and they all look great, even on those off days when their fashion choices are somewhat questionable. But if we were forced to break it down, each sister brings something unique to the table.

For example, it could be said that Kim's got the assets in the family — both financial and anatomical. Littlest Kardashian sister Khloe's got the personality and the rapier wit — although lately she's been catching plenty of attention for her bangin' body. And Kourtney's got the great taste in men. Totally kidding. But in all seriousness — setting aside whatever we might feel about Scott Disick as a life choice — Kourtney otherwise seems pretty wise and comes off as the most level-headed and motherly of the three sisters K.

So, yeah, beauty's only skin deep and all that, but you gotta level with us for a minute: Which one do you think is the hottest? Like, who would you set your brother up with? Or, you know, which one would you date if that's the way you lean? There are no wrong answers here, but we'd love it if you justified your response in the comments.