Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for EJA Photo: Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump at Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party on January 24, 2013

That pregnancy glow that expectant mothers seem to have might be the only thing working in Kim Kardashian’s favor! This new video by OMG Insider is taking our fave Armenian to task for her maternity fashion blunders of late — including her workout garb and that divisive peplum number.

You guys seem to agree, having voted in a certain Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member as the queen of maternity wear over poor Kim — and by huge belly-sized margin!

Then again, not being pregnant ourselves — not as far as we know, at least! — we’re not really ones to judge. We say, Kim, go with whatever makes you comfy. You go on with your bad (fashion) self!

Source: OMG Insider

Credit: OMG Insider Photo: Pregnant Kim Kardashian: A Maternity Fashion Nightmare?