Oh, man, we sure hope you’re just joking, Kim Kardashian! Last night on Twitter, the pregnant reality star made what appeared to be a self-effacing remark about her pregnancy weight gain during the east coast airing of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. She even used the hashtag #Shamu. Aww Kim, it’s not like that!

As the show aired on March 10, Twitter seemed to erupt with anti-Scott Disick comments. Scott had made some insensitive comments about Kourtney Kardashian’s post-pregnancy body, and plenty of people were upset.

Scott took to Twitter to express his surprise at all the fuss. He then ended with, “P.s. Anyone who has to [sic] much to say probably had to [sic] much to eat.”

In response, Kimmy tweeted, “Thanks 4 the subliminal Scott LOL. #Shamu”

Kim’s “Shamu” hashtag might be referring to a recently born meme that places a picture of Kim in this black and white wrap dress alongside a picture of an orca. The whole thing is pretty mean, if you ask us. That dress may not have been the most flattering look from some angles, but give a pregnant lady a break, internet!

We like to think, however, that Kim is taking that meme and the comments on her weight in stride. Perhaps she’s just having a go at herself and showing the world she doesn’t sweat the haters... even those named Scott Disick?

Source: Kim Kardashian on Twitter