Credit: Splash News Photo: Kim Kardashian Puts Her Hand on Her Baby Bump in London on May 1, 2013

Well, that trip certainly didn’t last long! Only 24 hours after she touched down in Paris for a romantic rendezvous with her boyfriend, Kanye West, pregnant Kim Kardashian quickly jetted out of town... and headed straight to see Beyonce in London!

Photographers spotted Kim at the Paris airport on May 1, boarding a flight that would take her to London
— and to the O2 arena, where Beyonce is performing her Mrs Carter Show world tour.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Kim doesn’t appear to have met up with Beyonce after the show or anything fancy like that, she simply attended the concert like any other fan. While Kim has been vocal on Twitter about how much she loves Bey, rumor has it that their relationship is not quite as full of mutually adoration as it might seem.


Back in September, rumors flew that Beyonce and Kim couldn’t stand each other. Bey’s husband, Jay-Z, is close friends with Kim’s boyfriend, Kanye West, but apparently, the two women are on less than friendly terms. Rumor has it that Bey totally snubbed Kim at a Philadelphia concert, while Kim tried to avoid her and appeared very “uncomfortable” when the two later tried to make small talk.

But if there is any truth to the rumors, Kim certainly didn’t acknowledge it at all. On May 1, she posted a photo of Beyonce on stage she’d snapped during the concert. “Oh hey B!” she wrote.

See, guys? These two are totally on a nickname basis. No drama here.