Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian Selfie

The first day of Kim Kardashian's much-anticipated divorce trial with Kris Humphries will have to proceed without her.


Because of a commitment Kim has for her perfume line in New York City on May 6, the judge has excused her from the first day of proceedings so that she can keep her work commitment.


While this may seem strange given the nature of the trial, since the burden is on Kris to prove fraud, Kim won't be taking the stand until at least the second or third day of proceedings.


Kim's legal team did file the proper documentation asking the judge to move the trial up to May 3, but the judge denied it because of a scheduling conflict on his end.


So we'll just have to wait one extra day for the contentious showdown that has been brewing for months now.


Source: TMZ