Pregnant Kim Kardashian suffered a terrifying miscarriage scare on Tuesday. Thankfully, her baby appears to be fine, but doctors have ordered Kim to stay at home and get some rest.

Usually, the paparazzi photograph Kim out and about multiple times in just one day. But ever since her health scare, the 32-year-old reality star hasn’t been seen at all — No business meetings. No shopping trips. No visits to the gym. Nothing.

On Friday, March 8, a photographer managed to catch the very first public photo of Kim we’ve seen since the ordeal. The mom-to-be is seen wearing a simple dark ensemble — rather than her usual fancy outfits — and her hair and makeup, while still polished, seem simpler than usual.

In the photo, Kim has her arms crossed and she looks concerned — It certainly looks like the stress of the pregnancy is taking its toll.

So what has Kim been up to while on her doctor-ordered rest? The reality star got a visit from her chiropractor and she’s been spending time looking through old photos and updating her official blog.

Rest up, Kim! It sounds like taking it slow for a while is the best choice: both for you, and for your little baby.

Source: Splash News