Credit: Instagram

Every mama-to-be expects to put on some pregnancy weight, but apparently Kim Kardashian is having a tough time dealing with her increasing dress size. Luckily, she’s got boyfriend Kanye West to comfort her!

“At first, she didn’t mind because she was excited to be pregnant,” a source told the New York Daily News, “But now she’s flipping out because she didn’t think it would be this extreme.”

Extreme? That sounds a little, well, extreme. From what we can see Kim is staying fashionable and fit throughout her pregnancy, and the only extreme thing we’ve heard that is that her bra size has gone up to a 36G.

Even if Kim is feeling down about her increasing curves, one person who has no problem with them is boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye. “He encourages her to eat whatever she wants,” said the source. “He tells her not to worry, and it makes her feel better.”

What a great guy! In that case, Kim, bring on the Pizookies.  

Source: New York Daily News