When a very pregnant Kim Kardashian tweeted that she had made the switch to flat shoes recently, she knew what she was getting into! After all, she’s famous for her sky-high heels, and she’s worn them throughout her pregnancy so far.


So when Kim sat down on Good Morning America to promote her film Temptation recently, her change of footwear was a natural topic of conversation! While kicking her stilettos to the curb seemed like a sensible choice to many of us, Kim is apparently still unconvinced.  


“You know what, they actually hurt my back,” she admitted, and crazy though it sounds, we kind of believe her. After all, the woman has spent what seems like her entire adult life sporting heels, she must be pretty darn used to them by now.


Whatever you think about Kim’s fashion choices, she can handle it, thanks to a sensible warning she got from big sis and mother of two Kourtney.  


“Kourtney warned me when you become a mom and become pregnant, there will be this whole new group of critics that will criticize me for everything you do,” Kim said. “If I wear one color clothes, I’m in this kind of mood. Or if I wear heels, they’re harmful.”


Since everyone on earth has an opinion about her impending motherhood, it sounds like Kim is just trying to enjoy herself during these special nine months.


“Whatever makes me feel good, I want to wear,” she said. “And I love wearing heels. I’m trying the flats, but we’ll see.”


And since hers is a very well-documented pregnancy, we will all see soon enough! Lucky for Kim, any type of shoe goes fabulously with a pregnancy glow.

Source: Good Morning America