These days, pregnant Kim Kardashian is looking more than a little bit... well, pregnant. That’s to be expected, though, since she’s over four months along. But just in case you happened to forget, the reality star didn’t always look like this.

No way. In fact, not that long ago, Kim was sporting quite the stunning bikini body. On March 15, the mom-to-be tweeted a flashback photo from a family trip to the Dominican Republic less than a year ago.



And yes, her body looked stunning. We can see that Kim. It’s very clear.



I miss the Dominican Republic,” Kim posted along with her pic. The three photo collage shows a smiling pre-pregnancy Kim soaking up the sun in a bright teal bikini. She’s seen lounging on a boat, jumping into the water, and standing near the ocean (the wind blowing through her hair, model-style, natch).



Oh, Kim. We’re sure you miss the Dominican Republic, but part of us thinks you might miss your trim and fit bikini body just as much!


No worries, though. Once you’ve given birth to an adorable little Baby Kimye, we’re sure you’ll be back to that glam pre-baby body in no time. Just keep up that fitness regimen you’ve already demonstrated you can follow so well, cut down on the ice cream a bit,

and voila! You’ll be beach ready soon enough.


Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram