In the early days of her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian was keeping up her crazy-busy-as-usual schedule: visiting Ivory Coast, jet-setting to Rio, hitting up Paris (twice!), and flitting to Nigeria to host an event for a few hours. She got a wake up call when she got back to L.A. from a Paris trip, and was rushed to the hospital fearing a miscarriage.


Since that scare, Kimmy has vowed to slow down for her health, and the health of Baby Kimye. But is she?


Judging by the number of times Kim has been photographed at an airport recently, it seems like her version of “slowing down” is still pretty active.


In the three+ weeks since her emergency doctor visit, Kim has popped over to Atlanta for the premiere of the Tyler Perry film Temptation, gone to New York to make a berjillion talk show appearances in support of the film, and now, evidently, she’s back in Paris!

“Notre Dame on Easter,” Kim wrote on Instagram on Easter Sunday, along with a photo of Paris’ famous cathedral.


This doesn’t seem like slowing down to us, but compared to Kim’s former schedule, it’s a little bit of an improvement! And if she and boyfriend Kanye West are considering having their baby in France, she has to go there to make birth plans—especially if they're really planning to rent out an entire floor of a hospital. Sound-proofing takes time, after all. 


Hey, if she can't really slow down, at least she might be wearing flats.