Kim Kardashian was literally in Africa less than a month ago, and now she’s already headed back! The mama-to-be jetted off to Cote d’Ivoire in late January, and she even visited an African orphanage while she was there.

Now, Kim has hopped a flight to Nigeria, where she’ll be co-hosting an R&B concert for Nigerian recording artist Darey. She even tweeted a photo of her travel-day style on February 15, writing, “On my way to Nigeria! Can't wait!

Dang, Kim even gets all glammed up to travel on a plane. We usually skip the makeup altogether, cover our face with a sweatshirt hood, and try to lose ourselves in our iPods. But Kimmy’s gone all-out: glam hair, gorgeous eye makeup, and a perfectly pouty nude lip.

We just sit curled up in our seat, zoning out as we look over the ocean. Kim could practically be ready for a photoshoot!

Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram