UPDATE: TMZ has photos of Rob being pulled over — and served a citation! — for the same reason the very next day, Tuesday, March 12.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian
has a run-in with the law! On March 11, the 32-year-old reality star was pulled over by the cops while driving in a black Mercedes Benz along the streets of Los Angeles.

As a photographer snapped away, police stopped the mom-to-be’s car and quickly came over to explain, INF Photos reports, that Kim was breaking the law on multiple accounts. Her vehicle has tinted windows and no licence plate — both of which are illegal in the state of California!

For celebs like Kim, we’re sure that tinted windows hold a certain amount of appeal. But while dark windows do help shield your face from photographers and their pesky cameras, they also make it difficult to see. So even in a celeb-heavy state like California, tinted windows are still illegal.

However, TMZ reports that police did not issue Kim a ticket. The reality star drove away with a warning, nothing more.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Kim! Her divorce trial with ex Kris Humphries is scheduled to begin in early May, and there has been plenty of drama leading up to it, as well. In addition, Kim experienced a miscarriage scare just last week. The starlet was rushed to the doctor on March 5, and though her baby appears to be fine, doctors ordered her to take it easy.

If we might make a suggestion: Perhaps bed rest doesn’t sound like such a bad idea? It certainly beats all the craziness that has been happening to Kim in the real world lately.

Source: INF Photos, TMZ