Credit: Splash News Photo: Pregnant Kim Kardashian vs. Mom-to-Be Fergie: Who Wore It Best?

When we came across photos of pregnant Fergie at LAX, we could swear we’d seen the print of her blouse somewhere before. Then it hit us. Fellow pregnant celeb Kim Kardashian wore a dress in the same daring design just a few weeks ago.


Despite the fact that they’re both wearing the same print — which is definitely distinct — each star has it styled differently. Whereas Fergie is wearing a loose blouse that looks almost like a dashiki, Kim’s dress is hugging all her lovely lady lumps.


Considering the two women have such different builds, it makes sense that they’d have different silhouettes. But does one pull off this bold print better than the other? We’re gonna leave that tough call up to you guys.

 Fergie’s airy blouse or Kim’s body-hugging maxi dress? You decide.