Credit: Celebuzz

Kim Kardashian is constantly mixing things up in the style department, and now that she’s pregnant she’s having to try out more new things than ever! But now this reality star/fashionista is getting nostalgic for one look in particular: her bangs! 

Kim first tested the fringe waters (and faked fans out) when she kept some clip-on bangs in after a photo shoot. She must have liked them though, because shortly after she took the plunge and cut them for real. 

Now that they’ve grown out a bit, Kim has gone on a bit of a bangs-binge on Instagram! She’s posted several old photos of herself with intense bangs, the first of which was captioned “Missing my bangs.” The next asked, “Should I cut more blunt bangs?”

What do you think? Kimmy’s obviously a beautiful woman no matter what her current hairstyle is, but do you like her better with bangs, or without? Let us know!

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram